Travelling offers you a lot of time to think and so from time to time I have been contemplating the existence of the Earth and everything on it.  In Fiji, I re-read Jostein Gaardner’s philosophical children’s novel, Sophie’s World, which inevitably posed many more questions than it did offer answers.

Burdened, then, with thoughts bubbling ever more intensely in my mind and faced with the prospect of writing an extended post discussing the ins and outs of existence, this poem suddenly arose; which at least tempers the need to tackle the topic, if not placating it entirely.

On Existence

I think therefore I am.
Well isn’t that just great!
René’s cleared it up for us,
Solved the great debate.
Ended speculation,
Helped us all a lot.
Only, I’m still left wondering,
He thinks therefore he is…what?



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