How do they do it?

How do people find the time to write?

I loved it last year: travelling, exploring, having fun and then finding time to write it all down and record it for posterity – and for my own pleasure.  But since my feet touched back down onto UK soil, I haven’t posted a thing.

I’ve even drafted the next edition of our travel blog, but I’m not sure when I’m going to be able to upload it.   The constraints that work places on your time are inconceivable really.  Although I’m not entirely sure it’s just time – it’s the brain space, the capacity for creativity.   I expend so much of my mental energy these days doing what I am told that I have little space left for doing what I’d like.

And I’m not really very happy about that if I’m honest with you!

So, here I am, spending just five minutes, jotting down a quick post whilst sitting on the top floor of my school, gazing out of the maths class room window at the gently rolling hills of East Birmingham.  To my left, there are four students working fervently on tasks I’ve set them to boost their chances of an exam grade, but all I’m really wondering is when I’m going to be able to bring writing back into my life in a routine way.

The mists, and the sunrise, and the views across the rooftop, even the low moan of planes overhead, the magpies fluttering through the sky, the warmth of the sun that comes and goes gradually as if someone has it on a dimmer switch… These are all things I would have noticed in the past and found a space to appreciate them and share.

It can’t all be doom and gloom though, because I found these five minutes.  That means I might, just might, find five more.

The sky was so spectacular on the way home, I just had to pull over. Just one more reminder to keep seeing the extraordinary things in our ordinary lives.